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The principal goal of ERFO Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft./ KÉZMŰ Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. is to give jobs to people living with reduced ability to work or disabilities – to be ensured in workplace environments that correspond to their medical conditions, disabilities –, as well as promote the implementation of the highest possible level of employments that are available for workers with the given abilities – within the framework of large-scale production for the creation of values.

To accomplish our goals:

  • We are involved in the development of the skills of employees with reduced ability to work based on medium-term rehabilitation plans.
  • For all the business lines of our Company's Budapest and Szeged operating sites, a quality management system complying with the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2001 Standard has been adopted and deployed. The Company's management is committed to ongoing quality improvement, and ensuring the conditions serving the accomplishment of goals.
  • Our supplier partners are also expected to nurture commitment to quality, reliable services at proper standards.
  • We regularly monitor the demands of our customers, as well as their satisfaction with our products, services. Based on the measurement results, we continuously improve our activities.
  • Towards development, we reveal the weaknesses in our processes, and take measures to eliminate the underlying reasons.
  • We ensure that our quality policy should be understood and accepted on all levels of our organization. In line with the new requirements, our associates are continuously trained, and they use their personal knowledge and accountability to contribute to the successes of our public-benefit company.

Environmental protection

Our company, ERFO Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft./ KÉZMŰ Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. feels responsibility for the natural environment, and therefore undertakes to act for its preservation.

We always consider the protection of our environment during the creation of our products and services – from base material purchasing to sales –, and to this end:

  • A fundamental principle of our activities in environmental protection concerns the full-scaling observation of the environmental legal regulations and authority requirements.
  • We have introduced and operate an environmental management system in compliance with the MSZ EN ISO 14001 Standard.
  • In the course of making our products, an important role is attributed to sustainable wage management, and we strive for the reduction of the volumes of generated wastes, as well as their recycling.
  • We encourage our suppliers, customers – by acting to show good practices – to use environmentally friendly and environmentally sparing base materials.
  • In our purchases, environmental criteria are also seriously considered.
  • In our developments, we prefer the application of environmentally friendly technologies, as well as equipment that is efficient in both economic and environmental terms.
  • Our company's management declare that they perform their activities in conformance to the principles of the environmental policy, and it is also expected from all the colleagues.