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  • Relying on our manufacturing experience earned throughout decades, we make durable sorghum brooms of good quality and demanding designs for household and industrial purposes, from carefully selected domestic and natural raw materials;
  • Our products are designed and stitched up in the light of the customer's demands; due to the wire- or plastic-reinforcing technique in the head parts of our brooms are very long-wearing;
  • The consistently high quality is ensured by our associates having considerable professional past and experience;
  • Our products comply with the associated international standards and quality criteria, quality is ensured by a quality assurance system complying with the ISO 9001:2008 standard;
  • Our brooms are made with two to eight stitches, in nearly forty variants, for the domestic and export markets alike;
  • The entire manufacturing process is encompassed from the selection of high-quality Hungarian base materials through the dying of the stick to the making of finished products;
  • Manufacturing in the light of specific demands can also be implemented: brooms can be made in the desired forms and sizes, with sewing in unique colours and sticks.

Product categories

  • Industrial brooms (thick, densely bundled brooms);
  • Light or conventional brooms (for instance household, Dutch brooms);
  • Brooms used for special purposes (for example carpet, clothes, toy, car brooms).