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  • Our company is a key actor of household and commercial paper manufacturing;
  • Major products: one-ply and multi-ply napkins, toilet papers, hand towels, paper tissues, as well as other hygienic products;
  • Our modern machine fleet and the expertise, knowledge of our associates having several years of experience guarantees the making of high-quality products;
  • Paper tissues are manufactured in both conventional, plain and scented forms, even with special fragrance upon our customers' demands;
  • Our napkins are made in monochrome and patterned designs, and we also undertake napkin production with individual patterns;
  • The finished products are packed in the demanded number of articles, and provided with individual packaging as demanded.
  • Our company offers unique, hand-made and exclusive gift boxes and advertising bags;
  • Our products are made in high quality, based on particular expectations, with mounting and magnetic closing options or textile lining as required.

5 reasons to choose this type of packaging:

  • it ensures premium look;
  • it serves as an excellent accessory to luxury articles to highlight the product itself;
  • it can as well be massive and durable depending on the selected design;
  • it affords sufficient protection to products;
  • it is environmentally sparing, selectively collectable, reusable.