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  • In our printing press division equipped with modern machinery, books, periodicals, catalogues, leaflets are made at high professional standards, even in smaller number of copies;
  • Here, the classic craft of the printer is amalgamated with state-of-the-art technology;
  • We are in possession of sophisticated pre-press machines (AGFA, CTP), Xerox digital presses, conventional offset printing machines for one-, two- and four-colour printing, as well as equipment for the cutting, folding, bonding, sorting, perforation and wire binding;
  • The applied mechanical technologies allow the alteration of the lengths of runs from labels up to B/2 size.
  • Complementary services for projects that are hard or impossible to mechanize, therefore requiring manual operations:
  • Packaging with product inserts: insertion of insets, advertising media, 3D gifts into publications;
  • Punched printing products: fabricating folders, boxes, manufacturing CD and DVD cases, compilation of standard packages from various promotional materials, making high-quality gift boxes;
  • Fastening, bonding products, product samples: to the front or back covers of publications, any specific page thereof, or the application of products, insets or product samples to cardboard sheets with individual graphic designs;
  • Sorting and packaging of advertising materials: insertion of giveaways in specific places of books, magazines, compilation of standard packages consisting of several products with shrink-wrapping, box packaging.