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  • Several thousands of employees with reduced ability to work are engaged by the business line at more than 90 operating sites;
  • Our main profile is the performance of high-quality, manual work processes: manufacturing, compilation, packaging, data registration, electronic assembly;
  • Our employees are highly tolerant to monotonous activities;
  • We execute tasks demanding huge capacities and manual procedures in full compliance with the relevant quality requirements;
  • In the light of specific demands, our manpower capacities can be expanded and improved particularly for any instructed work process

Service fields

Tasks requiring manual operations

  • work processes that are hard or impossible to mechanize.

Assembly, bonding, folding

  • assembly of electronic products;
  • assembly of small wooden, metal and plastic parts;
  • fabricating paper products (gift bags, boxes).


  • packaging of various products;
  • application of barcodes;
  • making of standardized packages/gift packages;
  • shrink-wrapping.

Tailor-made, unique, special instructed works

  • tailor-made work processes;
  • data registration.